About us


You are one of those crazy ones who feels safe surrounded by certain death on a tiny floating island. You should feel proud of it: show the world that you're a sailor in your Bruce Danforth polo shirt.

You might have noticed that our garments have no external branding on them. We think that when you wear them, you should not feel like a walking billboard giving us free advertising.

We trust our design and manufacturing quality to know that the garment will speak for itself without a giant logo.

If someone asks about it (they will), send them to us or just respond with a mysterious smile.


As a Barcelona-based brand, we are deeply connected with the sea and know that humans can have a detrimental impact on the wildlife. This is why Bruce Danforth is built around two pillars: sustainability and high quality. All our garments are made in Portugal (home of Magellan and Port wine) with sustainable and high quality materials only. We chose heavy weight organic cotton, which results in comfortable and durable garments that you can wear for years, if not decades.

It also keeps you comfortable when the tramontane starts to blow.